halcyonicreverie said: Well it’s also been however long between seasons? It probably wouldn’t be something they’d talk about a lot. Tho could be better. I do think it’s interesting that Rin is p. much the only one who’s brought it up (at least twice)

Thing is, it’s meant to be only a few…

Hmm yeah I guess it’s not that long. Idk I guess I didn’t expect them to to dwell on it much to begin with cause none of them really seemed to have a problem with it in the end of the first season, and even tho yeah it was resolved too fast, it’s a different season so it’d get old if it kept rehashing the same themes from the first one. If they all feel like it’s resolved and aren’t having problems there’s not really any point to not just move past it. I do think Rin is maybe suddenly a little TOO nice after a season of him we being such a little brat though haha >_> it kind of threw me at first. but I like that they’re showing him as seeming more self aware than he was before I thought the third episode was really cute >_